SuliMARK – Agro products

Make a HEALTHY CHOICE and eat ORGANIC products. SuliMARK sells :

1) ORGANIC fresh fruits and vegetables by local farmers (Chemical free locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Saldhati bananas, Papayas, chibut (musk melon), vaangi green and purple, Ammade/ Hog plums, Lemongrass, Triphal and coconuts and other local fruits and vegetables as per availability.)

2) Goan Cashew nuts with Husk @Rs.430/500 gms

3) Goan Cashew nuts peeled @Rs.450/500 gms

4) Black seedless Raisins @Rs.300/500 gms

5) Goan pepper @ Rs.180/250 gms, Rs.350/500 gms, Rs.700/1kg

6) Local homemade ghee @Rs.600/500 gms

7) Special Turmeric w/high curcumin @Rs.200/250 gms

8) Turmeric high curcumin pickle @Rs.150/200 gms

9) Jungle honey @Rs.180/200 gms, Rs.440/500 gms

10) Jaggery powder @Rs.100/500 gms

11) Brown Sugar @Rs.100/kg, Rs.950/10 kgs.

Chemical Free Surai rice
12) Jeera Rice @Rs.100/kg, Rs.950/10kgs
13) JLL Rice @Rs.90/kg
14) Poonam Rice @Rs.80/kg

1) Vermicompost,

2) Bio compost,

3) Bonemeal (organic fertiliser)

4) Fish Bonemeal (excellent source of nutrients for your plants)

5) Neem Powder (helps to cure diseases and will control the growth of nematodes and harmful plant pathogens)

6) Soil Conditioner (to improve soil quality)

7) Rock Phosphate (Direct application of rock phosphate increases crop yield and soil phosphorus levels)

8) MOP (concentrated form of granular potassium), etc

(Proven bio liquid fertilizer to increase your flowering and fruiting yield by 20-50percent) @Rs.190/100ml, Rs.800/500ml.

Sanjeevani 36
1) Immunity and health booster for all vegetables and flowering plants @Rs.105/110ml (new discounted price)

We are glad to introduce our New Product VIRUS KILLER
It’s the LAST LINE OF DEFENCE AGAINST GEMINI VIRUS AND LEAF CURL. Introductory price @Rs.150/100ml only during the sale. (MRP 170/-)

Neem oil @Rs. 80/100ml
Cocopeat loose  @Rs.50/3kgs, Rs.300/20kgs
Cocopeat block 3-4kg@ Rs.300/-
Potting soil mix @Rs.50/2kg, Rs.200/10kgs
Soil mixes for your vegetable garden, fruiting and flowering plants and microgreens.

Special offer on Bush pepper plant @Rs.90/-
Special offers on tools and pots. 
All vegetable seeds @Rs 20/-
Bamboo basket @Rs.150/-

For details or to book your requirements, WhatsApp us on 913-714-7614/773-866-7862

To maintain social distance we are spreading this offer across 2 sessions.  No entry without mask. Strictly maintain social distance. Only 2 persons allowed at the time.

Due to limited stock kindly whatsapp us your requirements and pay via Gpay for confirmation so that we can keep your order ready for pick-up.

Kindly note: We are looking for Goan farmers who are following organic and sustainable farming  practices kindly get in touch with us to promote your produce. Kindly forward this to those who may benefit from this initiative.

Thank you.

Address : C-3, J.F. Correia Society, opposite road between Monginis and Multipurpose school, Borda, Margao. (‘Cotton Queen’ board at the beginning of the road. White bungalow on the left.)

GPS Location – Margao