NAB Aging Blind Foundation


This is a sincere request to you all to buy products made by NAB Aging Blind Foundation, Lonavala. Old people who are turning blind are housed here and they weave …. They are in a bad situation.

Products are really and extremely well woven and last a long time … Even kitchen dusters. Excellent quality. Due to Covid there have been zero sales this year and also their donations  have dried up.
Please BUY from NAB Aging Blind Foundation and give them a little bit of support????????. Products as follows:

Bed sheets Kitchen Napkins and Aprons
Pillow Covers Dusters and Swabs
Napkins and Towels Handkerchiefs
Shopping Bags Candles
Liquid Soap Incense Sticks

You can contact Mrs. Neeta +9850875234 to place orders.

Please circulate within friends and family circles and within your whats app groups to support the inmates of NAB Aging Blind Foundation, Lonavla, India.

Show your care and concern by making a small purchase today.